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The New Media Group is one of the leaders in the Hong Kong media market. Leveraging on its consolidated strengths in the weeklies market, as well as its well established branding and advertising networks under its flagships titles, Oriental Sunday, Weekend Weekly, NM+ New Monday and Economic Digest, it has expanded into the digital business in recent years, breaking regional boundaries and making itself one of the leading players in the new digital media landscape.

New Media Group's efforts in producing quality content and transforming into a multimedia platform have been well recognised and had gained honours both internationally and locally, such as the Galaxy Awards, Astrid Awards, and the Asian Publishing Awards, as well as the Media Convergence Awards. It has also earned significant recognitions for its efforts in integrating social media and content marketing with creative and diversified multi-channel campaigns, sweeping an impressive total of 22 awards at The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2016 by Marketing Magazine, including an overall prestigious “Media Owner of the Year” award.

Looking to the future, New Media Group is committed to reinforcing its new positioning as a mega content provider and to strengthen all self-owned platforms, both print and digital, to broaden its business scope and expand its audience reach, and to act as a perfect support to marketers of today. It will continue its transformation into a strong and reputable Content Marketer, embracing more new challenges and creating new and better business opportunities in the ever changing digital and multimedia environment. 

New Media Group


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Weekend Weekly

Launched in 1999, Weekend Weekly is one of Hong Kong’s leading travel, dining & leisure magazines and has consistently been the No. 1 most popular and widely read travel and leisure magazine in the local market. Weekend Weekly’s website is Hong Kong’s No. 1 travel digital platform.* It puts together all kinds of lifestyle and entertainment information, featuring travel tips, eating and drinking, as well as beauty topics and everything that is fun and interesting.

On social media, Weekend Weekly and Weekend Weekly Jetso’s facebook pages are both popular infotainment platforms for eat and drink. They are also available on youtube and Instagram to provide the most comprehensive and up to date tips and guides for the general public.

*Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, August 2016, Hong Kong, Travel category, unique visitors and pageviews


GOtrip.hk is the Hong Kong’s No.1 travel digital platform*. From local excursions to global destinations, the website aims at providing a most comprehensive low-budget travel guide. Flight attendants, overseas travel experts, industry representatives are invited to write blogs and share their traveling tips and experience. And a regular update news on ‎flights, hotels and transportation packages to feed your travel yearnings and keep you wanting to just pack and go.

*Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, August 2016, Hong Kong, Travel category, unique visitors and pageviews

New Monday

New Monday’s website is Hong Kong’s No.1 beauty/fashion/style digital platform*. Its content is always in the frontline of social trends, covering  sports trends, gadgets and lifestyle news, makeup and beauty tips, movies and TV entertainment news, as well as all kinds of hit topics.

Just as its slogan says, “Be cool! Have fun with New Monday!” NM’s social media platform emphasizes interaction factors with fans. Covering sports and new trends and technology, the content team produces large amount of entertainment and informative content and videos to help bring the latest hit topics to its unique group of audience and fans.

*Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, August 2016, Hong Kong, Travel category and Lifestyle – Beauty/Fashion/Style subcategory, unique visitors and pageviews

Oriental Sunday

Operated by New Media Group since October 2001, Oriental Sunday is the Group’s flagship magazine, and is the best selling entertainment and lifestyle magazine in the market. The magazine and its website mainly cover entertainment and celebrity news. Its facebook and social media platform also provide the most instant and latest entertainment news and information on daily basis, including first hand coverage of artists’ activities, celebrity live chats, on site reporting as well as behind the scenes footages. The digital version is also popular among both local and overseas readers.


More is Hong Kong most popular women’s magazine, the first of its kind reporting on new brands, fashion, skincare and makeup. The More Beauty app was also launched to provide users with the most convenient and up to date search options and tips for beauty products. More’s website is Hong Kong’s No.1 beauty/fashion/style digital platform*. It provides an experience sharing platform for all kinds of topics relating to beauty and shopping, weight loss and health tips, as well as anything that has to do with marriage relationships and work.

Its facebook social media platform make use of live broadcasting and practical video footages to enrich its content, adding interactive elements to allow fans input and participation. It has achieved outstanding performance in engagement rates and views.

*Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, August 2016, Hong Kong, Travel category and Lifestyle – Beauty/Fashion/Style subcategory, unique visitors and pageviews

sunday KISS

Sunday Kiss is the most popular parenting magazine in Hong Kong, covering topics on child-caring, parenting, education as well as shopping tips, and has already become popular among families with young parents.
The Sunday Kiss website reports on news topics relating to parenting, introducing parenting activities, schools enrollment options, celebrity parents interviews etc.

Economic Digest

With over 30 years in the industry, Economic Digest has always stayed close to the global finance market, providing instant, accurate and precise insights on finance news. Apart from the print magazine, it also has a digital version, covering comprehensive analyses of
Gold, Stock, and Currency, as well as tips on business startup, wealth management, business and property market investment. ‘Warrant Winners & CBBC’ covers detail weekly Warrant and Callable Bull Bear Contracts News.

In recent years, Economic Digest has also launched its digital, mobile and Facebook platform, integrating everyday life and creative topics to reach out to the younger generation of office workers. More interesting and creative formats are used to present tailor-made content on wealth management, workplace and middle class consumption topics that would appeal to this target group.


Breaking limitations of traditional media, allowing endless possibilities for promotion! 3 of our group’s flagship brands – Oriental Sunday, Weekend Weekly and New Monday – have combined to form a powerful team called “NMGplus”, with over 100 sales and marketing, as well as creative professionals. As a trendsetter in the market, we are providing a one-stop total solutions service with a wide variety of online and offline platforms, ensuring greater flexibility for multimedia creative production, strategic marketing, event management, and merchant liaison, providing a wider array of specialized services to fulfill our clients’ sales and promotional needs.


“NewDiGi.Solutions” specializes in providing an online platform for advertising and sales promotion activities, multimedia design, data analysis, providing professional advice and strategies, writing online platform advertising content. The team has extensive experience in enhancing the brand awareness of the market, thereby helping clients expand market share.

Multimedia Creative

Multimedia Creative Department (MMC) is formed by a group of creative and production experts from various professional fields. Our one-stop service, from project coordination, creative planning to post production, includes graphic design, programming, animation as well as advertising video production etc. Through our eMagazine and multimedia marketing platforms, potential customers can be reached more efficiently and effectively, allowing our clients to build their brand image and increase sales in stylish and trendy ways.

Digital Innovation & Services

Digital Innovation and Services Department provides online and mobile production service, which mainly helps clients create and develop digital apps, websites and digital magazines. As smartphones and tablets become more popular and commonly used, clients are relying more on responsive mobile and tablet apps as promotion and marketing tools. The team has extensive experience in producing high quality apps, websites and digital magazines, helping clients promote their brands and products through various digital platforms.

Social Media Creative

Social Media Creative Department (SMC) specializes in viral marketing, making use of social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Weibo etc, to strategically spread out promotion messages and create talking points, drawing attention and interests on brands and products through online discussions and forwarding by surfers. The team has already built up its own as well as agented social media networks for numerous fan pages which altogether form a sizable network pool that covers a wide range of targeted groups.

Hong Kong Daily Offset Printing Company Limited

Hong Kong Daily Offset Printing is engaged in the printing of a wide range of publications, including textbooks, IPO prospectuses, annual reports, government publications, various books, periodicals, posters, product catalogues and coloured boxes. The Company owns several modern four-colour and two-colour German offset printers, providing round-the-clock service for large-scale printing and binding.


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