Emperor Cinemas

Emperor Group has been actively expanding its theatrical exhibition business. Emperor-UA Cinemas, a joint venture with UA Cinemas, opened its first operation at Vivo City in Foshan in 2014, soon followed by cinemas at Fuhuali in Zhuhai, Langnan Station in Foshan, Hongqiao World and Rainbow World in Shanghai. Our first wholly owned Emperor Cinemas opened in Hefei in 2015, followed by its second at Shin Kong Place in Chongqing in 2017, with three more locations scheduled to commence operation in 2018, including its flagship cinema on Chang’an Avenue in Beijing, two cinemas respectively at EPMALL of East Pacific in Shenzhen and Shin Kong Place in ChengDu. All cinemas are equipped with state-ofthe-art audio and visual equipment, providing audiences an unforgettable and unparalleled cinematic experience. Our first Emperor Cinema in Hong Kong, located at the iconic Entertainment Building in Central, opened in 2017.

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