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Emperor Group Donates HKD $ 5 Million Helping ORBIS to Build the Next Generation Flying Eye Hospital

To celebrate Emperor Group\'s 70th Anniversary, Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group, has initiated a donation of HK$5 million for ORBIS to establish a next generation Flying Eye Hospital. Dr. Albert YEUNG has further more lined up Mr. Jackie Chan, Ms. Joey Yung, and Mr. Leo Koo to become \"ORBIS\' New Flying Eye Hospital Commanders\". In doing so, all three superstars will be helping to publicize and promote ORBIS\' new Flying Eye Hospital fundraising campaign to save the sight for millions of blind people globally.

ORBIS has been bringing sight to numerous blind people for the last 30 years. Their unique Flying Eye Hospital has become a powerful symbol of saving sights. The current ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital has already visited 77 countries. In addition to provideing medical service, the ORBIS\' international medical team has imparted advanced ophthalmic knowledge to local doctors, nurses and technicians work to improve their skills to help more patients with ophthalmic diseases. After almost 20 years of service, this iron angel is about to retire. ORBIS must bring in a new generation of Flying Eye Hospital in order to continue its mission.

\"ORBIS New Flying Eye Hospital Commanders\" Mr. Jackie Chan, Ms. Joey Yung and Mr. Leo Koo join Mr. Paul Forest, Regional Director (Asia) of ORBIS, to receive the donation from Dr. Albert YEUNG, Chairman, Ms. Vanessa Fan, Managing Director, and Mr. Alex Yeung, Corporate Executive of Emperor Group, and kick off the ORBIS fundraising campaign of the Hong Kong region. It is expected that the new Flying Eye Hospital can take off in 2013 to continue the mission to bring light of hopes to patients with ophthalmic diseases around the world.