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Emperor Group’s 70th Anniversary Celebration Dinner: a Star-studded Extravaganza

(Hong Kong, September 14th, 2012) To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Emperor Group held a gala dinner at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition tonight (September 14th). The dinner welcomed over 2,000 guests including prominent politicians, entrepreneurs and entertainment celebrities at close to 200 tables. The event featured an impressive lineupof performers, including world-renowned singer and songwriter Paul Anka, Asia’s top vocalist Tsai Chin, and acclaimed French painter-performer Franck Bouroullec.

Following the Group’s slogan, “Emperor Group - Defining 70 Years of Thriving Success with Faith and Talents”, the gala dinner kicked off with an opening video titled “Change. Across the Eras”. Accompanied by world-famous piano maestro Lang Lang, the video presented the milestones and precious moments of the Group from over the past 70 years. After the video showcase, the Group\'s Chairman, Dr. Albert Yeung, and Corporate Executive, Mr. Alex Yeung, gave their speeches respectively.

Dr. Yeung remarked, “Emperor Group has always thrived on the philosophy of “Never give up” and the policy of “Treasure our talents”, as the Group has grown from a watch retailer into a diversified group of companies. All this has been made possible by the efforts of our dedicated employees, and the trust and support from our business partners and clients. We will continue to strive and recruit the best talents for our business development, and to venture into the Mainland China and overseas markets. In the meantime, we will work to further our mission of “From thecommunity, for the community” by making our share of contribution to the society. Hospice care for the elderly will continue to be a key focus, as we hope to provide a better living environment for the elderly who have no family support.”

Dr. Albert Yeung and his wife Mrs. Semon Yeung, managing directors Mr. Bryan Wong and Ms. Vanessa Fan, and the Group’s management team then came onto the stage and toasted to the dinner guests, in a display of the Group’s immense talent and team spirit.

The Group has always treasured talent. In recognition of the ongoing contribution of their staff, long-service awards were presented to over 100 employees at the event. Two of the awardees had been with the Group for over 28 years. They received their awards from Mrs. Semon Yeung, as a special token of appreciation from the Group.

The event featured enthralling performances by acclaimed international artists through the evening. The performers included French painter-performer Franck Bouroullec, who completed a 7 feet by 6 feet painting in less than five minutes. His astonishing craft was enhanced by music and lighting in an eye-opening performance. In a rare Hong Kong appearance, Asia’s pop diva Tsai Chin captivated the audience with her poignant vocals and popular classics.

In the finale performance, legendary singer and songwriter Paul Anka performed a number of his all-time classics. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Emperor Group, Anka penned new lyrics to the classic tune “My Way” and performed it at the event. At the end of the performance, pop diva Joey Yung presented a floral bouquet to Anka on stage, which drew the evening to a grandiose close.