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Emperor Group's 70th Anniversary presents: Hepatitis B Blood Test Day

(Hong Kong, November 7th, 2012) “Emperor Group\'s 70th Anniversary presents: Hepatitis B Blood Test Day” was staged yesterday (November 7th) to provide free blood test service to the public, during which Dr. Albert YeungEmperor Group Chairman, presented a HKD 1.5 million cheque to Cheng Si Yuan (China – Int’l) Hepatitis Research Foundation as funding to help carriers who need financial aid to receive further medication, in the presence of EEG artists William Chan, Vincy and Ken Hung.

The HKD 1.5 million donation is one of the others that total not less than HKD 10 million to mark the Group’s 70th anniversary this year.

The blood test service was provided by Yan Oi Tong Cheng Si Yuan Hepatitis Free Generation Centre, aiming for better public awareness of hepatitis B prevention so as to diminish the risk of liver cancer, liver cirrhosis and other serious illnesses that can be developed from hepatitis B. Those diagnosed as having high risk of liver cancer would be referred to medical consultation. Those in need of medication treatment but with financial difficulty could apply for funding support from Emperor Foundation.

Mr. Chan Wing Kee, GBS, OBE, JP and Dr. George Lau, respectively Chairman and Trustee of Cheng Si Yuan (China – Int’l) Hepatitis Research Foundation, also attended the event, during which more than 600 people took the blood test.

Emperor Group announced earlier this year that it would be donating HKD10 million to a range of different charitable causes. These causes would include healthcare, disaster relief, elderly care and poverty relief in Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in the world. Beneficiaries include ORBIS Hong Kong, Social Workers Across Borders, Caring Hearts Photographic Society, St. James’ Settlement, etc.