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Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre put into service with Dr. Albert Yeung’s latest donation of RMB 5M

(April 1, 2013, Hong Kong) Emperor Group Chairman Dr. Albert Yeung made his latest donation of RMB 5 million in the name of “Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation” to acquire accommodation equipment and medical devices for “Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre” during the opening ceremony of the Centre last Saturday (March 30) of which he was invited to attend by the authority of Shunping County, Hebei Province. 

He was accompanied by Emperor Group Managing Director Ms. Vanessa Fan, Emperor Entertainment Group artistes Sherman Chung and Kenny Kwan. 
2-hour drive away from Beijing, the 16,500-square-metre “Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre” is situated in Shunping County, Hebei Province. Construction works started in late 2011 with a RMB 10M donation from “Albert Yeung Sau Shing Foundation” and completed in early 2013. The Centre can serve up to 650 aged persons and offer them with accommodation, medical, rehabilitation and hospice care services, all under one roof. 

The Centre is a pioneer in its field and has won official recognition from the Chinese government. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Governor of Hebei Province Mr. Yang Rui, Mayor of Baoding City Mr. Ma Yufeng, Secretary of Central County Committee of Shunping County Ms. Zhang Lijuan, President of China Association of Social Workers Mr. Xu Ruixing and other government officials and Emperor Group high ranking executives in Beijing. 

Dr. Yeung said during the ceremony, “I am honoured to be able to take part in our country’s elderly care services. I wish my humble efforts could raise the awareness of the issue and create a momentum to enhance the service standard.” He presented a RMB 5M cheque to Head of Shunping County Mr. Wang Yongjian. After that, the elderly put on a musical performance as a token of thanks to the government and donor. 

Dr. Yeung first donated to build “Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre” in 2009. It is the first elderly care centre operated directly by the county government in the region. On Chinese New Year Eve 2011, Mr. Hu Jintao, former President of China, paid a visit there and showed his immense approval. Since then, the Centre has received a lot of study tours from all over the country, including groups of civil servants from Hong Kong. Later the same year, Dr. Yeung made another donation of RMB 10 million in the name of “Albert Yeung Sau Shing Foundation” to build a new block adjacent to the Centre and name it “Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre”. The 2 centres provide a total of over 1,000 beds to the elderly in need from all over China.