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Ulferts Flagship Store Grand Opens in Tin Hau

Having successfully delivering luxury, chic furniture concepts from Europe to Hong Kong for 39 years, Ulferts opened its new flagship store right on the top of Tin Hau MTR Station on 25th February, 2014.

Mr. Stephen To, CEO of Ulferts of Sweden (Far East) Limited, said during the opening ceremony, “Tin Hau features a balance of tranquility and bustle as well as convenient public transport access. Our new shop here in Tin Hau is spacious and very suitable as a furniture retail outlet.” 

The 10,000-square-foot shop provides two different styles in separated areas, one avant-garde for forward-thinkers and one refined classic for those who believe in timeless quality. Professional purchasing team of Ulferts has brought back inspiring furniture from Europe especially for the opening of Tin Hau store. A convergence of international renowned brands, Ulferts offers unique, luxury home pieces in exquisite European style.