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Dr. Albert Yeung bestowed “China’s Philanthropist of the Year” title

(April 29, 2015, Hong Kong) Emperor Group Chairman Dr. Albert Yeung was again granted the title “China’s Philanthropist of the Year” yesterday (April 28), for his efforts in charity. EEG artistes Hins Cheung and Christie were also named “China’s Top 10 Philanthropic Artistes of the Year” and “Charity Ambassador” respectively.

It is the seventh consecutive time Dr. Yeung has been awarded this title since 2009. Dr. Yeung is actively involved in various charity works in China and Hong Kong, with a special focus on elderly and hospice services. Up till now, he has funded the establishment of 6 service centres in Hong Kong, Hubei Province and Hebei Province, providing medical, accommodation and psychological consultation services. A funding of RMB10 million has been committed for his seventh centre in Changli County, Hebei Province, which is expected to come into service later this year.

"China's Charity Chart" has been organised by China Philanthropy Times on a yearly basis since 2004 under the supervision of Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and China Association of Social Workers. The award ceremony this year was held in Water Cube, Beijing, attended by prominent entrepreneurs and entertainment celebrities, including Mr. Ismail Amat, Secretary General of The Standing Committee of 10th National People's Congress.