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Statement of Clarification: Emperor Group has no relationship with 「寧波英皇舞美文化傳播有限公司」(Ningbo Yinghuang Wumei Cultural Communications Company Limited*) and「英皇文化集團」(Yinghuang Cultural Group*)

It has recently come to our knowledge that one or more than one companies by the name(s)「寧波英皇舞美文化傳播有限公司」(Ningbo Yinghuang Wumei Cultural Communications Company Limited* ) and / or 「英皇文化集團」(Yinghuang Cultural Group*) claim(s) to be undergoing business activities in cultural and performing industry, with Emperor Entertainment Group, one of the subsidiaries of the Group, as its/their partner.

We hereby declare that both「寧波英皇舞美文化傳播有限公司」(Ningbo Yinghuang Wumei Cultural Communications Company Limited* ) and「英皇文化集團」(Yinghuang Cultural Group*)  do not have any relationship with the Group and any other subsidiaries of the Group in any way.

We are highly concerned of the issue that our goodwill may have been misused to deceive the public. We urge all related parties to take caution and reserve the right to take any legal actions in this regard.

If you require any further information, please contact Corporate Communications Department of the Group:

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