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Dr. Albert Yeung Bestowed "Lifetime Achievement Award"

(Hong Kong, 27 April 2017) Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of the Emperor Group, was granted the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the 14th (2017) China’s Charity Chart yesterday (26 April). His significant contribution in promoting charity works has been highly recognized.

Previously, Dr. Yeung has been named one of the "China’s Top 10 Philanthropists" for eight consecutive years. This year his recognition has reached another level, which was gratifying. The Lifetime Achievement Award is not a regular annual award. In the past, only three people have been awarded, they are the late Chairman of Chinachem Group, Nina Kung Yu-sum, the Founder of Mengniu, Mr. Niu Gensheng, and the Chairman of Shimao Property, Xu Rongmao. Dr. Yeung is the fourth person winning the award.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Yeung said: "I owe a great debt of gratitude to all those who have supported my charity works over the years. Our efforts not only help those in need but also inspire the people around us to contribute, in a bid to build a harmonious society together."

Dr. Yeung first took part in charity works in the early 1970s and became the Charter President of Lion Club of South Kowloon. He adhered to the spirit of Lions Clubs International, an international secular, non-political service organization, and led the members to promote diversified services. The beneficiaries included adolescents and the elderly. He established two charity foundations in 1997 and 2008 respectively, namely Emperor Foundation and Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation.

As the elderly are approaching the end of life, they are not able to reciprocate any favours and therefore often overlooked. Hence Dr. Yeung pays special attention to the elderly and hospice services, and focuses resources on sponsoring elderly care centres in both the mainland and Hong Kong, including "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation Baoding Elderly Home", "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre", "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Xiongzhou) Elderly Care Centre", "Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre" and "Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Changli, China) Elderly Service Centre", all of which are located in Hebei Province; another two located in Guangxi Province are currently under construction, including "Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Yungfu, China) Elderly Service Centre" and "Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Fusui, China) Elderly Service Centre". Together with the projects that have been put into operation in the early years, including "Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Yeung Sing Memorial Long Stay Care Home" and "Hubei Hong Kong Emperor Elderly Care Centre". There are altogether nine elderly service centres.

In addition, working with Social Workers Across Borders, Dr. Yeung became the first person to introduce Hong Kong's social workers' spiritual comfort experience into mainland China ten years ago, with a unique service model that comprises medical care and counseling for the elderly in Wuhan. The innovative project broke down Chinese people’s taboo about death successfully and won "The Most Influential Charity Project Nomination Award 2007" and "Hubei Charity Award 2008" from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Dr. Yeung has been serving as the Life Honorary President of Social Workers Across Borders up to now.

Whenever the country is stricken by natural disasters, Dr. Yeung is always ready to lend a helping hand. After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Dr. Yeung made a joint donation the next day with Dr. Jackie Chan, and mobilized nearly 100 artistes and staff to visit victims during Mid-Autumn Festival. They became one of the first corporate volunteer teams that visited the disaster area.

Dr. Yeung's efforts have won him a lot of awards and recognitions. Beside "China’s Top 10 Philanthropists", he has also repeatedly won "China Charity Award – The Most Caring Individual Donor Award”. In 1994, Dr. Yeung was named Honorary Professor of Law of China University of Political Science and Law, and Honorary Consultant of All China Lawyers Association from All China Lawyers Association. In 1998, he was appointed Honorary Trustee by Peking University. He was further appointed Honorary Professor by Guangdong University of Finance in 2008.