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Chairman's Message
Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Shing

Emperor Group has gone through decades of ups and downs with a tight-knit team, distinguished by unwavering perseverance and unflinching bravery, to achieve continuous growth.

We have always placed people at the centre of our business. We are committed to establishing good relations with our investors, our clients, our employees as well as different stakeholders in the community. For our investors, we manage our various businesses efficiently in order to bring them attractive returns; for our clients, we keep abreast of the needs of the market and provide superior products and services. Our employees remain one of the most important drivers of the Group’s continuous success. The team spirit and camaraderie they exhibit as well as their steadfast loyalty to the Group are among the key advantages that we are extremely proud of.

Emperor Group has its roots in Hong Kong and constantly looks towards the Mainland for business opportunities. From the early years of China’s reform and opening up, the Group has been investing heavily in the Mainland market and our businesses there have flourished ever since. We are proud to stand as witness to this historic rise of China as a major economic power. In the future, the Group will continue to actively seek more business opportunities to help push China’s economic development to another level.

In our journey from a humble watch retailer to a diversified conglomerate of listed companies, Emperor Group has received unstinting support and cooperation from our stakeholders. As such, we are now committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities, giving back to a society that has given us much, and extending our limited efforts to help people in need, both in Hong Kong and in Mainland China.

Dr. Albert Yeung
Chairman of Emperor Group


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